“What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them”

Zig Ziglar.

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. We share ours.

Your sales people and their development will result in greater growth and profitability for your company.


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We help people sell more effectively, more often.

If ‘selling’ is what you’re paying your salespeople to do every working day of the year, doesn’t it make sense to use at least one day of the year to help them do it better? With over 30 years experience in helping people sell more effectively, more often, we believe we can probably be of value to just about anyone tasked with the challenge of making sales either over the phone or face-to-face.

Sales Training and Coaching

Hire us and our sales training and coaching will enable your salespeople to:
  • Sell more effectively, more often
  • Increase the value of their average sale
  • STOP using methods that are ‘so last century’
  • Create loyal customers

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Most people have the basic ability to run...

...but without proper training and coaching, they'll never reach their true potential. Your people have the ability to sell, but...


Most salespeople who have been selling for 5 or even 20 years don’t have 5 or 20 years experience; they have 1 year’s experience repeated 5 or 20 times.


We’re specialists; we’re in to p-commerce (p=people) not e-commerce. We’re all about selling to people. Whether you’re a company looking to improve your sales team’s skills or an individual wanting to develop, we could be of huge value to you if some verbal and or face-to-face communication between you and your customer is ordinarily required before a sale can be made.


We know what it’s like to fear rejection so much, you daren’t make the call. We’ve had the ‘dead cert’ sales blow up in our face. We know what it’s like to hit a patch where you can’t buy a sale. But we also know how to get over those hurdles and have real success in selling. We’ve got over 30 years experience in BOTH selling and training others to sell in the UK, the Middle East, South East Asia and China… let us help you!

Call or email us, (you have nothing to lose) and get a step closer to improving your sales skills and becoming more effective at selling.

Mystery Breaking!

What? How? Why? So? Who? Which? When? When sales are not at the volume required, to most companies both the cause(s) of the problem and how to fix it are often a mystery. That’s entirely understandable; selling is a skill and (like any skill) doesn’t come easily to most of us without help. Our Mystery Breaker will help you crack open the mystery by identifying precisely why sales are not where they need to be and then share with you, solutions as to how you and your people can sell more effectively, more often.

Stuff That Delivers

Hopefully you’ll be reassured to learn that over the years we’ve lost sales and made mistakes too – that’s how we got that all important thing called “experience”.

What that means is that we don’t share theories that sound good (but don’t actually work in the real world); we’re able to share ‘stuff’ that delivers because we’re out there in the real world too, practicing what we preach.

"Why put up with sales figures that are lower than you want, if you can afford to improve the skills of your people?"

"It's not how many sales are being made, it's how many should be being made."

"Take care of your salespeople. If you don't, your competitor will."