There’s only one thing more contagious than enthusiasm; the lack of it.

Do you spend more every year buying your daily cups of coffee than you invest developing the sales skills of your people?

Selling is a Skill

Selling is a skill, and so the learning process in sales can be likened to other professions that require skill,  such as playing a sport; no matter what standard you are, you can always get better because there’s always something new to learn. And in the same way that new, more effective techniques are being applied in say tennis or football, the same is true in the retail industry, in telecommunications, in technology, in medicine,  everything in fact, including selling.

Sales Techniques

So if you’re still using the same sales techniques you were using 10-15 years ago, doing so will create the same impression on your customers as using one of the first mobile phones – clunky, clumsy and way out-of-date.

Sales Training

But you can’t be doing your job and keeping up with all the latest ideas. That’s where we come in with our sales training and coaching. Ring us on 01507 328557 or email us now!

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Don’t wish your job was easier; wish your salespeople were better!


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Fly on the wall.

Hire us to pose as a potential client and meet with a member of your sales team. We’ll make a covert video recording of the meeting and show it you. (It will be yours to keep.) We’ll share our views as to what the strengths and weaknesses (in terms of their sales skills) were of the person we met.

The real benefit to you though is that (as you’ll have seen the video), should you decide to hire us (or another company) to either run a workshop or do some 1-1 coaching, you’ll be doing so knowing that there is a genuine need for that help and that any money spent on training will therefore be an investment.

Cost: Cost is dependent on that which is required.

Corporate Workshops: Why bother?

Research and studies have repeatedly shown that the training and development of your sales team will lead to increasing sales, higher staff morale, increased market share, improved customer retention and higher profits. (If you need to convince your FD, we can give you some numbers. We know how FD’s can be!).

We build and deliver workshops (for a minimum of 4 people) around your company’s needs and the needs of your people. We’re more than happy to help you assess what those needs are.

The workshops last from 1-3 days depending as to the content you require. Subjects that can be covered include:

  • Everything counts! (Getting delegates to understand the importance and value of getting the so-called ‘little things’ right and giving examples of the classic mistakes that are made every day that cost sales.)
  • The main causes of unsuccessful outcomes in sales meetings and how to avoid them
  • Finding potential clients; aka ‘prospecting’ (for those who need to find clients). Covering networking, referrals, cold calling and other much less obvious methods of sourcing potential clients are shared in this session
  • Making appointments over the telephone. Valuable ideas on how to ‘prospect’ more effectively on the phone.
  • Making delegates aware of the most important thing that can be done prior to meeting with a potential client
  • “People buy people first.” Are you more or less likely to buy from someone you like? In this session delegates will learn some simple methods of recognising and adapting to the behavioural style of their client, thereby increasing the chances of the client getting on with them.
  • What does the sales process look like? Making delegates aware as to:
    • The sales process used most often by successful sales people around the world.
    • The ‘triggers’ that tell us when to move to the next stage of the process.
    • The stage in the process most closely linked with successful outcomes.
  • What about the buying process? Making delegates aware as to the decision making process their customer goes through before being ready to make a decision to buy and then helping delegates understand how to use that knowledge in order to increase their chances of making a sale.
  • Open or closed questions? Which is best?
  • Establishing a client’s needs
  • Creating urgency (to buy) in the client
  • Presenting the product / service to the client (including the use of features and benefits)
  • Objections: myths and the reality. Handling a client’s ‘objections’. Delegates will learn a couple of simple methods in how to handle a clients objections.
  • Dealing with price concerns like “I’ve seen one on the internet for less money”. How to prevent ‘price’ from being the main reason influencing the client’s decision as to whether to buy or not.
  • How to ask for the business (aka close the sale / clinch the deal / get the order)
  • Sale!! What next?
  • The importance of attitude.
  • Up-selling. How to replace sales of your ‘standard’ product or service with sales of your company’s deluxe / superior / higher quality product or service
  • Cross-selling. Simple ideas and techniques that will result in delegates being able to sell products or services that complement what a customer may have already bought or is about to buy.
  • Planning and time management. Perhaps 2 of the most undervalued skills required by many sales people.
  • Know your numbers. Delegates will learn how to measure their effectiveness at the different stages of the sales process and or the prospecting process. A key benefit to the company is that in future your people will be more able to tell you where they need help help and support.

Cost: Entirely dependent on the content required.

Essential Face-To-Face-Selling Skills. (An Open Workshop)

This workshop covers the whole process of selling face-to-face (and more)

  • Discover and understand your ‘natural’ sales style and how it impacts your effectiveness
  • Learn the difference between a sales professional and a salesperson
  • Learn how to establish a customer’s needs
  • We’ll show how to help people ‘buy’ as opposed to trying to sell them something
  • Learn how to increase the value of your average sale
  • Take away simple tools such as how to create ‘urgency to buy’ in your customer
  • The workshop will include role-plays, working in a team and will inspire all those involved

If You've Got No Prospects, You've Got No Prospects. (An Open Workshop)

As the workshop title intimates, you’re in trouble if you’ve no one to sell to. Come along and learn:

  • How your product / service can help you decide which method(s) of prospecting to use
  • Assessing your current prospecting methods
  • Suspects or prospects?
  • What to say when prospecting
  • How to network properly (most people we’ve met who attend network meetings don’t network – they collect business cards and try to make sales)
  • Lots of ideas to help you source potential prospects
  • How to have some fun when cold calling (Fun? Yes, really.)
  • When cold calling is most and least likely to work
  • A simple technique to turn suspects in to hot, qualified prospects
  • A simple method for handling objections over the phone
  • The do’s and don’ts of telephone prospecting
  • How to measure your effectiveness (at the different stages) during the prospecting cycle
  • The workshop will include role-plays, working in a team and a ‘live’ prospecting session where delegates will make phone calls to real potential clients

Cost: £250 per person per day.  (+VAT)

1-1 Coaching.

We’re more than happy to get out of the ‘classroom’ and spend time with you (or one of your sales people) in the ‘real world’, prospecting and or meeting potential clients.

Cost: Cost is dependent on that which is required.