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At Rapid Accommodation, two important parts of our business are Sales and Negotiation.

Having met Austen at numerous events and having been exceptionally impressed by his knowledge, commitment, and professionalism, it didn’t take us long to recognise that our company could benefit from working with Selling is a Skill ltd.

Initially, myself and a colleague joined Austen for one of his Sales workshops which was a fantastic event which showcased his experience and in-depth knowledge of his craft. We came away enthused and feeling as if we could sell almost anything to anyone, without being branded as ‘salesy’.

Following this success, we asked Austen to work on designing a bespoke Negotiation skills course for our whole team. Saving our customers money through these negotiations has been a vital component to our growth, and we felt adding Austen’s wealth of experience into this mix would be exceptionally beneficial.

Austen spent a lot of time in the office observing our team in their ‘natural habitat’, working with myself and my fellow Directors to craft a totally bespoke course to fit our needs.

The Negotiation training day itself was a resounding success, enjoyed by all the team. Austen’s delivery style is direct, honest, witty, and well-paced; delivering all the key points in an easy to follow and meaningful way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Austen to anyone looking for an informative workshop to attend, or a larger company looking for a fantastic training partner.

Karl Hedison / Financial Director / Rapid Accommodation

“Having attended many sales presentations over my 30 years in sales and marketing in both the private and voluntary sector, the difference with Austen is that he doesn’t just talk about the theory – he tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful.  He gives practical and easy to remember examples which really work!  He is engaging and motivating and encourages you to challenge yourself.”

Jackie Crombie / Manager / Greggs Foundation

“Austen has spoken for us at two of our business events in the past. We engage lots of speakers for our events and hear lots of great presenters deliver their subject with aplomb but Austen takes that ability to the next level. His use of the English language, his timing, his vocal variety and his overall delivery style are just pure genius.

Watching him craft his presentation is almost theatre itself and time simply ebbs by, watching his audience engagement is equally as captivating as everyone is totally engrossed in Austen’s every word.”

Marc Gordon / Partner / Exposure Events

Austen is the real deal and lives by what he trains other to do, which is to persuading customers to buy with integrity. His training courses are extremely thought provoking, live in the real world and have certainly help me to evaluate and change certain behaviours and processes.

The margin between success and failure is often small and Austen really helps salespeople and managers alike to gain an advantage by selling professionally and with a purpose.

James Bogue, Director, webCRM (UK)

“I am just writing following my recent attendance at your ‘Essential Sales Skills’ 1-day workshop. I found it very intriguing and some really useful tips throughout the day. It all made a lot of sense to me and I have no doubt it will help me enormously with converting prospects. My sincere thanks once again.”

Russell Payne /Managing Director / Russell Payne & Co Ltd (Accountants)

“I thought I had a good handle on sales and how to make them but your session has blown all of my pre-conceived ideas away and shown how I can increase my sales by building a proven process into my approach and understanding where I am in that process at all times.”

Alan Davison / Managing Director / Warranty Administration Services

“Today’s success has proven to me that yesterday’s workshop was time and money very well spent and I will be including the workshop as part of our induction training. Thanks!”

Stuart Green / Managing Director / Stuart J Green Digital Engineering Ltd

“This is the best money we’ve spent in 18 years.”

Mark Stacey / Managing Director / WRS Solutions

“Happy New Year Austen, I know we have spoken as part of your follow up from our workshop which we held in November but I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see how my sales team recognise what we do. They NOW see the value in what we do and as such, are more confident in handling price objections and helping the customer in the process. I am already planning on further training and will be contacting you shortly to arrange.”

Shaun Ingram / Managing Director / QTS 

I’ve known Austen for a little while and I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with him to improve the Giacom Sales team account management skills. Whilst Giacom have a great Sales team, he quickly highlighted where we could improve and sharpen up especially in a period of huge growth. Immediately following our first session we knew that Austen’s insightful approach worked perfectly and has provided far greater results than was expected. I personally look forward to working with Austen more in future!

Sam Drinkall / Sales Manager / Giacom

“You’re probably thinking – will it be worth the time and money? I’ve been in sales and marketing for 25 years and I can understand why a company might struggle to make the decision to spend money enabling their people to attend a sales skills workshop – how do you know it will be worth it? I’ve attended Austen’s workshops and enjoyed some of his 1-1 coaching too and I can promise you this – if you want an increase in sales brought about not by working even harder but through ideas and methods that work, if you want them delivered by someone with passion, enthusiasm, (so they won’t bore your people to death) and a sense of humour, someone who also has bags of personal experience of selling, who has  ‘been there and done it’ and who genuinely wants to help his clients gain more customers and do more business – I don’t know of anyone better than Austen. I could go on but you’ll think I’m on commission! I’ll just say this; contact Austen and have chat.”

Mike Shields /Manager / Fareshare North East

“I have had the pleasure of being in a workshop with Austen and learning from his selling skills.  He explains the sales process and how to ensure that you communicate well and fully understand the needs of your customer.  I am confident that my time spent will bring a great return on investment and I’m happy to recommend him.”

Pete Wilkinson /

“The Selling Is A Skill workshop that our team attended with Austen aimed to teach us the value of knowing how to sell our business properly. It was instantly clear that Austen was going to share a wealth of knowledge and insight with us and we are delighted to say that we are certainly more confident and tuned into the fact that selling is a skill.

With simple methods and procedures, our team are now able to utilise displaying our impressive video content with the added value of knowing how to sell it much better that we previously knew how. We would highly recommend booking a session with Austen to find out how you can increase your conversion rates, whilst having fun at the same time.”

Ashley Wilks / Director / Wallbreaker Productions Ltd

Great 2 day workshop this weekend for our sales team with Austen Hempstead. If your team is struggling or even if they are doing great then give him a shout and you’re bound to get results!

Will Bown, MD of Boulder Developments Ltd